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Mei's Article 1

Read about Mei's award- winning acupuncture work, in China Fortune magazine. (English and Chinese text)

Mei's Article 2

Mei's patients tell their
stories of healing in
All Chinese Who's Who.

Click here for Chinese text.


Mei edited and translated some chapters of Chinese Medical Qigong.


Patient Recommendation


Dolores Cox

May 26, 2010

I have been seeing Xiao Mei Qiang since January 2010. She was recommended to me by my physical therapist from whom I had been receiving twice-weekly treatments for a couple of months for a neurological condition. I was experiencing numbness in my left hand, along with pins-and-needles feelings in that arm. The treatment, however, was not appreciably improving my condition.

The physical therapist herself stated she had receiving acupuncture treatment from Ms. Qiang for insomnia and was satisfied with the results. My reason for seeking acupuncture treatment was for the hand and arm condition, insomnia, and for stress and anxiety.

I have been receiving the acupuncture treatments on a weekly or every-other-week basis. Since receiving the treatments, my hand and arm condition has dramatically improved and the condition no longer exists. Though my insomnia, stress, and anxiety are still a problem, they’re gradually showing signs of improvement.

I am satisfied with the treatment that I’m receiving from Xiao Mei Qiang. I find her to be a professional acupuncturist, committed, and knowledgeable. She is also a very warm and caring
person whom I would not hesitate to recommend to someone.

Dolores Cox