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Mei's Article 1

Read about Mei's award- winning acupuncture work, in China Fortune magazine. (English and Chinese text)

Mei's Article 2

Mei's patients tell their
stories of healing in
All Chinese Who's Who.

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Mei edited and translated some chapters of Chinese Medical Qigong.


Patient Recommendation


Gloria and Edgar

November, 2008

Dear Mei,

This is the time to put in words all you have done for me through all the years. When I was going through a very difficult time because I was sick, with a very severe back muscle spasm pain and neck pain, I couldn’t do much---not even the house chores and walking. I went to many doctors and acupuncturists with no good result. When I met you for the first time in January 2005, you did the first acupuncture treatment and I went home feeling better and continued going every week for acupuncture treatments. I knew that our friendly God had sent me an angel named Mei—a wonderful doctor, and a special, unique human being, I knew I was going to feel better and have my health back, which, I’m happy to say, I did. I’m feeling very good.

I am so lucky and grateful to you for your caring and kindness. I will cherish you for the rest of my life. I know your satisfaction is to help the patients get better. I know for a fact how many wonderful things you do for the patients, including me. I could write a book. I know how hard you work and the sacrifices you do so we, the patients, get the benefit. I am blessed because I have you in my life. Every time I have pain and I go to see you, you do the acupuncture treatments and I come out of the office a new person with no pain and feeling a lot of energy. Because of your experience and knowledge and caring, I feel very good. I always say, “You have magic hands.” You really focus on your patients’ health because of your dedication to your patients and your sensibility. I admire you and value you; every time you treat a patient you do it with faith, hope, and optimism; that’s why they get better.

My husband had back pain and leg pain, and after a few treatments, he is feeling good. Thank you again. I am fortunate in many ways. I admire you for your integrity and your generosity. You are an inspiration to all the people who know you. I am proud to say you are my doctor and friend. You are a gift from God. At the same time, your treatments are a continued learning process when you take time to explain how or what I should do at home to improve my health, it has made all the difference.

Last month you did the treatments for my father-in-law who is suffering from parkinson’s, poor circulation, and very painful leg cramps. He used to wake up with terrific pain. He lives in California, and we knew that you were able to help him. He came to New York, you did four treatments, and he feels much, much better. Before, he didn’t do much walking. Now he walks every day and he feels independent again because he walks by himself. All my family members are grateful to you. God bless you.

With admiration---Love you always,

Gloria and Edgar